At this time, only staff and children are permitted on site. However, Pre-School and parent/carer contact is maintained via regular email updates, postings to a closed Facebook page and socially distanced conversations outside.

The safety and wellbeing our our children, their families and our staff is our first priority.

At Swallowfield Pre-School, we aim to minimise the risk of COVID-19 transmission amongst our staff, children and families and those associated with the Pre-School, whilst providing a fun, safe environment for the children in our care to play and learn.

We ask all families and those in contact with Pre-School to:

  • Follow the Government’s guidelines regarding COVID-19
  • Maintain social distance, practice good hygiene and wear face coverings as directed
  • Use NHS Test and Trace facilities when requested to do so, and/or in line with the Government’s advice
  • Notify the Pre-School of any suspected COVID-19 symptoms, confirmed cases of the disease and any/all vulnerabilities
  • Notify the Pre-School regarding any travel to any place with lockdown and/or quarantine restrictions in place
  • Follow quarantine instructions when required

In addition to following Government guidelines, we use good judgement within our individual setting. We have policies and procedures in place relating to operating and have revised cleaning and hygiene schedules to take account of the pandemic; measures include increased hand washing, sanitising resources and the environment and quarantining resources.

We operate as a single ‘bubble’ involving all children and staff. This means we are able to continue to offer a full range of resources and activities in all sessions.

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